Financial Services

Making spending, managing, and investing money easier than ever.

Financial services are virtualizing nearly every aspect of the entire industry.

Financial services have been on a slow path to virtualization for decades, with half of all physical banks in the US being eliminated over the last 20 years in favor of ATMs and online banking. Now, the rate of virtualization and technology disruption is exploding, and financial firms need strong technology partners to help successfully deploy major initiatives to gain customers and eliminate costs.

of Americans have not entered a physical bank in 2017
startups offer new financial services worldwide

Drive innovation with technology

Financial technology firms are rolling out more functions and user experiences at a faster pace than ever. What started with depositing paychecks with a cell phone has grown into managing portfolios, crowdfunding investments, or trading anything from money to ideas via Blockchain. All of these advancements help get customers further engaged, but bring a broad collection of risks and challenges.

CAI can help financial services organizations expand and transform through technology. We have market-leading helpdesk services to help your customers get problems resolved quickly and efficiently. Our testing practices can bring scalable plans and programs to your organization to ensure effortless rollouts of your newest features. Our Application Support Outsourcing methods make us an ideal partner to help you make your back office nimble, responsive, and efficient. Contact us today to find out how we can help you keep up in one of the most aggressively transformative markets.

CAI's areas of focus

Scalable support

More customers mean more customer support, making firms rethink how to run a centralized helpdesk instead of supporting many physical locations.

Automated testing

More technologies mean more demand for testing and security. FinTech firms need sophisticated testing plans and practices to keep information security affordable.

Nimble staffing

More staff focused on new customer experiences means less staff available to take care of existing systems, which forces firms to rethink how they staff and manage their current IT to keep up with rapid change.


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