Intelligent Automation

Be smart about your next technology investment

Finding the intersection of automation and business value will put you on the map. Getting the most out of your investment is a matter of getting your bearings – and knowing your destination.

Solve problems faster.

Many organizations think of automation as a “silver bullet,” but hastily planned solutions often lack needed capability and fail to meet expectations. Whether you are implementing automation to increase accuracy, improve productivity or save costs, realizing your investment depends on a clear vision that plots the right coordinates to get you there.

Identify the right opportunities.

Automation is more than simply installing a tool. It requires the careful orchestration of various technologies and skills to meet specific organizational needs. But understanding the true capabilities of automation and cognitive technologies on the market today – and those that are coming tomorrow – can be a challenge. Gauging cognitive readiness is the first step.

Meet your goals with your own team.

Most organizations can build automation capability from within. CAI helps organizations gauge their automation and cognitive readiness and create centers of excellence that can identify opportunities, configure the tools, train employees and model for cognitive solutions. Planning for ongoing support will maximize value and help you get the most out of your automation initiatives.

Success Story: Financial Services

A financial services company must process 500 consultant invoices twice a month via its web portal. The traditional process takes two associates several days to complete each cycle. CAI programmed a software bot to log into the system and apply a cognitive tool to correctly associate names and titles as a part of submitting each invoice. The robot takes approximately 50 minutes to complete the entire batch, freeing the two employees to address higher-value work.

Know your vision

We help companies create a vision for automation with quantifiable goals that lead to business value and establish a defensible ROI.

Up your capability

CAI helps companies evaluate candidate processes for automation and cognitive technologies, work with subject-matter experts and establish a center of excellence to set standards, oversight and maintenance.

Find the right tools

We help organizations understand the technology and licensing landscape, so they can orchestrate the right tools and methods for the job the first time. While we help companies build their own automation expertise, we jump start early high-priority jobs and get results quickly.

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