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Instant customer service has never been more important.

Leisure and entertainment demands are changing all the time, and keeping up with travel and hospitality trends is a challenging task.

Whether it’s more personalized experiences or faster responses during travel complications, the leisure industry is being pushed toward rapid change by emerging technologies.

user contributions to TripAdvisor every minute
$2.7 Billion
average daily traveler spend in US

Drive innovation with technology

All inclusive travel management platforms are synchronizing flights, hotels, car rentals, navigation, and travel plans for travelers. As companies make it easier for customers to venture out into new experiences, the variety of travel is increasing. The technology integrations that make all of this possible can be taxing, and as new technologies like Virtual Reality and Travel Bots become an expectation among consumers, companies will need experienced partners to keep their systems up-to-date and adaptive. With the established popularity of peer review and travel recommendation sites like TripAdvisor, providing a positive, seamless experience is critical.

Today, the majority of consumers research and plan their vacation on a mobile device. The addition of virtual reality will mean more travelers want to virtually “try out” a destination before they commit. Making that experience easy and positive will mean companies have to divert significant resources to building out that virtual destination catalog, automating on-demand support, and other customer experiences. This new demand does not eliminate the need to keep booking systems, fare calculators, and other customer services up-to-date and operational. CAI can help optimize the management and development of your existing systems to allow your teams to better and more quickly respond to industry demands.


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