Security Operations

Identify and remediate your security incidents and vulnerabilities faster. Your business depends on it.

Most companies are managing their IT security operations with spreadsheets. But that puts too much at stake.

When CAI helped an energy company improve the way it manages incidents, problems, changes, IT assets and contracts, the company gained a single system of record that improved visibility into security vulnerabilities and incidents. The company's security team is now more tightly aligned with IT and ready to take on a new governance, risk and compliance strategy as well as a more sophisticated vulnerability response system.

of all companies are managing their IT security operations with spreadsheets.
60+ days
The average mean time to resolve a security incident
100+ days
The average time to patch a known vulnerability

Improve your security posture.

Addressing today’s risks with yesterday’s solutions is a risky proposition. Regulations are constantly evolving and cyber threats are increasingly sophisticated. You no longer can afford to manage IT security with spreadsheets. Improving visibility and addressing vulnerabilities gives you the control you need to align security objectives with business objectives.

See better so you can secure better.

Securing your operations can be disorienting. Tools and data abound. By improving your security posture, you can resolve security incidents faster, keep your environment safe and accomplish your business goals.

Automate and remediate

Save precious time containing and remediating incidents and more easily handle common attacks. Enrich automatic threat intelligence to improve response over time, so your team can play offense instead of defense.

What We Do


We help companies assess their security operation’s processes, people and technologies to give you a better understanding of your current state and help you move quickly to your ideal future state.


CAI is a market leader in security operations, implementing processes and best-in-class tools such as ServiceNow’s Security Operations (SecOps) applications and leading security information and event management and vulnerability scanning tools. Our approach will your help organization leverage proven processes, tools and integrations to improve accountability, prioritization and efficiency. In addition, we can help automate response and remediation and improve overall visibility into your organization's security posture.


Let CAI help you manage your security operations so you can get back to the business at hand. Our managed vulnerability scanning, remediation-as-a-service and ServiceNow SecOps platform operations support services help our clients improve the overall efficiency of their Security Operations function.