Service Desk

Say hello to a better employee experience. A quick resolution and a friendly voice can make the whole enterprise more productive.

Your business has to fire on all cylinders – all the time.

When an employee encounters an IT problem, their delay is the business’ delay. The service desk has to get them up and running again. And quickly!

But a great service desk is hard to maintain. Lengthy resolutions or inconsistent quality at the service desk wastes precious time and money. And the implications of one dissatisfied customer can be serious – a poor impression of the service desk often means a poor impression of the entire IT organization.

Changing the way you run your service desk can change the face of IT – and boost productivity across the enterprise.

cost increase in issue resolution when it escalates beyond the first level
industry average for first-level resolution rate

Resolve incidents faster and more accurately.

Employees are happiest when they are productive and when they feel supported in their workplace. By standardizing and centralizing processes for consistent support and by increasing the use of knowledge management tools and methods, we provide access and control at the “right level.” We guarantee our clients an average abandon rate of 6% a month; an average live answer rate of 80% within 30 seconds, and a customer satisfaction score of 90% or above.

Build a smart service desk.

A great service desk is more than a phone bank. It is an engine of productivity and insight. We use the latest in artificial intelligence to turn the vast amount of data coming through the service desk into actionable business intelligence so you can improve service, prevent issues and target training specifically to support end users. The CAI Service Desk strikes the perfect balance of smart people and smart technology. We hire for attitude and train for aptitude, requiring up to 80 hours of rigorous business and technical coaching.

Automate and improve.

The CAI Service Desk gives employees the tools they need to do their jobs, whether that requires a call to the help desk or a visit to a self-serve portal – and it gives the organization the analytics its needs to prevent issues in the first place. We employ the latest in intelligent and robotic process automation to dramatically reduce tickets and lower costs.

Why CAI's Service Desk?


CAI Service Desk staff is here for you all day every day, so your end users are never without the support they need.


The CAI Service Desk supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.


We recruit and train top-notch service desk professionals to support a wide range of software and hardware, including custom applications.


We work with you to build the right staffing model for your needs, whether it is a dedicated on-site group or a shared team located in our Delaware Valley office.


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