ServiceNow Practice

Delivering innovative, next-level thinking.

CAI and ServiceNow allow you to take control, maximize value, and drive innovation.

We can help you improve your service delivery and make your employees more productive through process automation, service consolidation, and long-term cost savings. It's a challenging journey. Let us help you navigate it.

Take control

ServiceNow provides the visibility and data needed for you to take control of your environment - from Configuration, Asset, and Cost management to day-to-day task and project management. CAI’s studied approach make this an ongoing, repeatable process.

Maximize value

Our focus on business outcomes and actionable metrics help CAI to deliver on Value - not just an SOW. CAI’s ServiceNow practice wants to be your long term partner.

Drive innovation

A new perspective and next level thinking - CAI drives innovation for our customers by bringing the right resources to the table every time. Our goal isn't to sell you a prepackaged solution – it’s to become your partner and together find the right solutions that will propel your organization into the future.

Our core competencies

Platform support

On-demand and ongoing support, break-fix, development, and administration engagement that allow you to focus on outcomes, while CAI focuses on the technical needs.

Application development

The rapid development of custom business applications, legacy digitization, and process automation that leverages the power of the ServiceNow platform.


CAI delivers ServiceNow certified training courses, as well as providing customized training delivered to satisfy your specific environment and compliance needs.

Consulting and implementation

We bring next-level thinking to your organization – we don't just know what can be done, but what should be done. We provide a unique combination of experience and best practices to bear on resolving problems in your environment, or implementing ServiceNow as a platform.

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