Build confidence into your systems.

Improve the quality, reliability and performance of your technology with integrated enterprise-level testing.

Done right, your software is your organization’s store of knowledge, and it’s the true source of your capacity and agility. How you test – and how fast you deploy – can make all the difference.

  • By automating a process in its testing environment, CAI helped a growing healthcare payor increase the number of claims it could manually process overnight by a hundredfold.
  • CAI helped an international cruise line transition from waterfall testing to agile development, decreasing its application release time from three weeks to 45 seconds.

Build better experiences.

The quality, speed and accuracy of testing underpins your ability to develop the software you need to conduct your business with confidence. CAI’s expert testers work in coordination around the world, following the right processes to drive real quality, employing the right tools to speed delivery, and capturing the right metrics to provide insights for continuous improvement.

Evolve from a maintenance mindset to an innovation mindset.

Your IT team must integrate increasingly complex technology platforms across business units. You need skilled testing resources who understand your throughput goals and assure quality to your specifications. CAI’s Testing Solution provides flexible and fast-moving teams you can trust to automate processes where possible and validate system readiness. Free your IT team from constant maintenance so it can focus on innovation.

Getting it right means getting it right for the business.

Testing is more than just the last step in the development process. It is about managing risk, controlling costs and meeting customer expectations. The development lifecycle begins with a clear understanding of key performance indicators – and what matters to the business.

What We Do

Managed Testing

You need to deliver quality systems while managing risk, cost and customer expectations. CAI’s Managed Testing solution takes advantage of agile methods and a focus on “shifting left” to increase value – and help you move faster. We use service level metrics and KPIs to maintain quality.

Enterprise Environment Management

We work with organizations to evolve their development environment toward the agile methodology so they can move faster and stay ahead of competition.

Customer Acceptance Testing

We leverage automation, global QA teams and strong governance to maintain quality and speed the engines that propel your business in the right direction.


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